TOP 5 - Best BDSM Sites Reviews | Dating Guide for Kinky, Fetish and BDSM Dating

Looking at the sizzling response that “50 Shades of Grey” received, it can be said that people are slowly beginning to accept BDSM and Fetish dating.
So, where can you connect with people who are interested in exploring this unchartered territory?
Online BDSM sites may be the ideal choice in case you're interested in connecting with singles and couples looking for BDSM dating and fetish dating.
However, with thousands of websites claiming to be the best in segment, how would you be able to make a choice?
How do you determine if the fetish site you wish to join is safe? Would it be possible to determine if the BDSM website has scammers?
Stop worrying now, because we have come to your service. We published detailed reviews of the top 5 BDSM sites that would make it convenient for you to find the right dating site for BDSM and fetish hookups, regardless of whether you're seeking kinky couples or singles.
Besides, if you're looking to get information on BDSM Apps or dating tips, this site offers tones of information on the same.
Check out the comprehensive reviews published here and begin your adventurous ride by seeking kinky partners.


Released back in 1997, is indeed the first BDSM dating site that appeared on the Internet. At first, was just a professional dating service for the BDSM singles and couples. After years of efficient promotion and perfect services, it managed to become not only the best BDSM website, but also the best fetish site for all the BDSM, BDSM-Curious, fetish, kinky singles and couples. After the global hit achieved by the “Fifty Shades of Grey”, people all over the world started being more open-minded about BDSM. ...



Probably you have heard that AdultFriendFinder is the world’s largest adult dating site for sex-connected hookups. But what you may not know is that it is also one of the largest BDSM sites in the world. Is this surprising you? From more than 50,000,000 people that chose to join in, about 10% of them choose BDSM, fetish or kinky things as interests in their profiles. So you can easily find the right BDSM group for you over here. Besides singles and couples looking for BDSM hookups or fetish dating ...

#3 has behind the curtain of the same team that developed the world’s largest adult dating site – AdultFriendFinder. In time, it managed to become, as well, one of the largest sites in the BDSM dating market. People can easily notice that this is a professional BDSM site starting with its name. But they should also know that it is one of the best dating sites for fetish and kinky couples and singles, due to the available services and features. It is easy to see that nowadays, people are getting more open-mind about BDSM dating and fetish dating. ...


BDSMSingles is one of the oldest BDSM sites currently available on the market. The site has been on the market for over 10 years but has been struggling of late courtesy of the stiff competition from other sites like and Despite its presence in the world of online BDSM dating, it never gained a lot of traction, mainly because of its simple features and lackluster interface. This is why it ranks at the 4th spot on our list of the top BDSM & Fetish sites. ...

#5 can be considered as the Facebook for people that love the BDSM and fetish lifestyle. The website’s tag line “BDSM and fetish community for kinksters by kinksters” shows exactly what the website is all about and welcomes people having a secret fetish to become a member of this BDSM site. The fact that the website is free to join, makes it a preferred choice among those who prefer a fetish lifestyle. Regardless of whether you’re looking for singles or couples, this site wouldn’t disappoint. ..