TOP 5 - Best BDSM Sites Reviews | Dating Guide for Kinky, Fetish and BDSM

Looking at the sizzling response that “50 Shades of Grey” received, it can be said that people are slowly beginning to accept BDSM and Fetish dating.
So, where can you connect with people who are interested in exploring this unchartered territory?
Online BDSM sites may be the ideal choice in case you're interested in connecting with singles and couples looking for BDSM dating and fetish dating.
However, with thousands of websites claiming to be the best in segment, how would you be able to make a choice?
How do you determine if the fetish site you wish to join is safe? Would it be possible to determine if the BDSM website has scammers?
Stop worrying now, because we have come to your service. We published detailed reviews of the top 5 BDSM sites that would make it convenient for you to find the right dating site for BDSM and fetish hookups, regardless of whether you're seeking kinky couples or singles.
Besides, if you're looking to get information on BDSM Apps or dating tips, this site offers tones of information on the same.
Check out the comprehensive reviews published here and begin your adventurous ride by seeking kinky partners.


When started in 1997, it was the first BDSM dating site found online. In the beginning, this site was focused on providing dating services for the couples and singles interested in BDSM. spent many years advertising and improving their dating services and as a result of that, it became one of the best BDSM sites and the ultimate fetish site for people interested in kinky hookup, fetish dating, and BDSM activities. The popularity of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books and movies have made BDSM more acceptable ...



Most people know that AdultFriendFinder is the leader in the world of adult dating sites when it comes to casual hookups. However, only a small number of people are aware that this place is also one of the most successful BDSM sites too. Around 5 million members of this site opt for fetish dating, BDSM or kinky hookup on AdultFriendFinder. In other words, it is quite easy to find a good BDSM group on this website. ...


The creators of AdultFriendFinder have created after their initial success. This dating site was relatively unknown in the beginning but it became one of the most popula BDSM sites over the years. As the name suggests, this is a website fully dedicated to BDSM. Keep in mind that people can also use this site for kinky and fetish dating thanks to the special features and services. ...

Kinkd App

#4 KinkD

Kinkd is a dating app which offers a key difference as it is not only for plain hookup. In Kinkd, people are looking for any partner who could be willing to fulfill certain secret and taboo fetishes such as submission, bondage and more kinks. Recognized as a top-class BDSM dating app, Kinkd many features that captivate more and more users around the globe. ...


For many experts, is a BDSM and fetish version of Facebook. It was created by people who love fetish dating and today it has thousands of active users. Individuals with secret fetishes are encouraged to become members of One of the best things about this BDSM site is that people can become members for free. Fetish lifestyle practitioners and BDSM curious people are taking full advantage of this opportunity. ..

Notice: Members You Should Stay Away From When Seeking BDSM Online

Do have in mind that there are situations that can be risky or dangerous, if you end up meeting the wrong persons. Here are the types of members you should stay away from.

Members that are asking for money

There are quite a few people that will try to take advantage of you on these dating websites, so be very careful. They may use stories or tell you that they are in deep problems, to impress you so that they can ask money from you. If anyone on the BDSM site does this, you should stay away from him or her.

Members that are using drugs

Drug using is never a good idea. If you find out that a member you are trying to know better uses drugs, stop any communication and connection. In case you agree to date someone and see that he or she is trying to take drugs or asks you if you want to take any during your date, just stand up and leave before the situation degenerates.

Members with STDs

Everybody is looking for BDSM hookups for fun and not for compromising their health and wellbeing. While some STDs provoke visible symptoms, others are invisible and it is hard to tell if someone has an STD or not. Thus, always use protection and enjoy the sexual act with caution.

Members that have a criminal record

It is hard to know various details about a person that you just met online. This is why it is best to use reliable BDSM dating sites, which run background verification of their members. Also, check to see whether a member has the mention on their profile that he or she has been verified, because websites make this feature visible for all the members that accepted to go through a verification process.