About Us

Allow me to say a few things about myself, so you can understand better the story behind this site. I am a guy that likes fetishes, like many of you out there, as I adopted the BDSM lifestyle about 10 years ago. To be honest, I enjoy playing on the dominance position, and in this lifestyle, I really believe that the Internet played a significant role. A couple of years ago, if you were a BDSM or fetish-enjoying single, there was a limited number of ways to find people with the same interests you. I know this very well because I lived through those moments as well. You just couldn’t go out in a pub or club, stating out loud that you embrace the BDSM lifestyle, in the hope that someone will say the same thing. It was embarrassing to admit it publicly, because people were, and still are, rather judgmental about such preferences.

bdsm coupleBut due to the expansion of the Internet, we can now find other persons with the same preferences, in a private manner. It is enough to join a BDSM online dating site, and you will automatically find other BSDM singles in no time. You simple presence there will let everybody else that you are interested in this lifestyle. Still, even with so many sites on this niche available out there, claiming that they have the perfect services for you, can you really trust all of them? In my inquiry to find the site that will help me enjoy my life better and fulfill my needs, I discovered that about 80% of them are fake. Yes, it is a sad situation, in which people like us are the victims, used by people who want to gain all sort of advantages.

So I put this site up in the attempt to show you BDSM sites that actually work. For this, I made some BDSM partners on several trustworthy websites, and I got even the help of my wife, who is a member of ALT.com. Thus, if you want to explore this world, whether you are a newbie or not, I have gathered here the TOP 5 BDSM sites for BDSM & Fetish dating. All the displayed information is based on my personal research and experiences, and on users’ reviews. So check them out, as useful BDSM dating tips will be uploaded on the site, to help everyone take the most of their love life. So feel free to go through the entire website, because it was made for you.

If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to contact me.