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Released back in 1997, is indeed the first BDSM dating site that appeared on the Internet. At first, was just a professional dating service for the BDSM singles and couples. After years of efficient promotion and perfect services, it managed to become not only the best BDSM website, but also the best fetish site for all the BDSM-Curious, fetish, kinky singles and couples.

After the global hit achieved by the “Fifty Shades of Grey”, people all over the world started being more open-minded about BDSM. Now, not only people that speak English are subscribing to, but also more and more people from all over the world, having different nationalities and speaking various languages, are joining the BDSM site. Now it has more than 5,000,000 members seeking BDSM hookups and fetish fun here, which makes the world’s TOP 1 BDSM site & Fetish site.

Price & Features

Standard Membership Features
The standard features are for the members that do not pay any monthly fee on the site. As features, they have a search option, which enables them to look for other members, although the option is limited, and does not have as many details as in the case of a paid membership. You also have the chance to create a profile, but again, the possibilities are limited as well.

Sliver Membership Features
As a Silver Member, you will be able to do the following:
• View the profile of other members and even contact them if you want;
• The first members displayed in inquiries will be the Gold Members, after coming the Silver Members;
• If you notice new members, you can chose to contact them;
• You will have access to member’s live and recorded videos they post;
• Access, although limited, to groups, blogs, and magazine features;
• Friendly customer support around the clock;

Sliver Membership Price
• One month membership is $19.95;
• Three months memberships is $11.95 per month, billed in a single payment of $35.97;
• One year membership is $8.95 per month, billed in a single payment of $107.40;

Gold Membership Features
As a Gold Member, you will be able to do the following:
• View the profile of other members and even contact them if you want;
• Appear in the top of searches, above all other profiles;
• Have the privilege of contacting new members first;
• Have full access to member’s live and recorded videos;
• Have full access to blogs, groups and magazine features;
• Enjoy a friendly customer support around the clock;
• The possibility of enjoying extra-large photos;
• You will have access to ICQ, AIM, YIM, and MSN ID’s of members that are in your network;

Gold Membership Price
• One month membership is $29.95;
• Three month membership is $14.99, billed in a single payment of $59.97, having 1 month extra for free, receiving a total of 4 months of membership;
• One year membership is $8.95 per month, billed in a single payment of $161.10, receiving 6 months for free, enjoying a total of 18 months of membership;

Enhance Your Profile
You can always chose to enhance you profile and increase your chances of finding the persons to have fun with. This enhancement can be applied to anyone wishing to upgrade the profile and enjoy more features. It can be done by choosing one of the following options:
• Enhancement for 12 months, $8.95 per month, billed once at $107.40;
• Enhancement for 3 months, $11.94 per month, billed once at $35.90;
• Enhancement for 1 month, billed once at $19.95.

Highlight Listings
If you want to make sure that your profile is more noticeable, you can chose to get the highlight listing option. It will put your name in a bright colored square, so that it pops out in inquiries. You can enjoy this feature like this:
• For 3 months, $8.95 per month, billed once at $26.85;
• For 1 month, billed once at $9.95;

Get All BDSM Movies
The site has the possibility of offering its members great BDSM movies to enjoy, whenever they want, for a small fee. Once you pay the fee that is most appropriate for you, access will be without limits, the streaming will be the same, as there aren’t any charges per-minute of watch. You can get this feature:
• For 3 months, $9.97 per month, billed once at $29.90;
• For 1 month, billed once at $14.95.

Unique Features also has some unique features each premium member can use to improve its profile and increase his or her chances to meet their BDSM match. So check out the following unique features you can enjoy on, and see how things can become fun and exciting.

Upload a Video in Your Profile
Now this is a feature you usually don’t find on other BDSM dating sites regardless of their type. It may be that difference that sets apart from the rest of the fetish sites. So if you want to make your profile more attractive, do add a nicely done video to it. All other premium members, which pay for their membership, will have the privilege to see your video. This can be an excellent way to sort the people that are checking out your profile since not all of them can access these videos.

Fetish Checklist & Kink Search
Because this is a particular dating site, it is only obvious to have such features. This way, you can search for your favorite kinks and fetishes, taking advantage as much as you can and making your time spent on the site extremely pleasant. It is very thoughtful of them to create such filters, making sure that each member they have will find what they want on their site.

Live Model Chat & Live Members Webcams
Getting live chats and webcam services is indeed features that only the top dating websites offer. There may be many other nice dating sites, but only the best have live webcams, where members can have outstanding experiences. And on, you can enjoy both a model chat experience and a live webcam experience with the members that caught your attention, if they agree with it, of course.

This feature is great if you want to find the members that have the same interests as you do. If you find a local group, it will be easier to find alternative singles that are nearer to you. Also, you can create a local BDSM club or professional online fetish community for people with the same kinks if you feel like it.

Hottest users’ videos & All Adult Movies
A great feature offered by the site, but available only after getting the proper upgrade. With it, you will gain access to all members’ videos and exquisite adult movies, which will spice up your experiences online.

Share Your Activities
Even if it is a BDSM site, it is still a social site, so you have the possibility of sharing all kind of photos and videos, which are not necessarily related to fetishes or kinks, and the other members will have the chance to leave a comment or even like your post. It works very much like Facebook.

Content Filter Preferences
Another great feature that you can use is that: If you want to log in to your account while you’re somewhere in public. It will allow you to filter the content you wish to be displayed, avoiding getting embarrassed if someone catches a glimpse to what you are doing on the Internet.


1. The site supports up to 10 languages.
2. You can easily broadcast yourself on this site via stream.
3. It is very safe and protects your privacy and personal information.


1. Unfortunately, there is no Android app version for such a dating site.
2. There are also very few young singles or couples that under the age of 30.


• If we are to compare all of its features, is definitely the best BDSM site for both BDSM and fetish singles and couples in the world at the moment. It has the fastest response speed, the safest network system, the most efficient features and the most intimate and friendly 24/7 support.

• It has a broad reach, connecting people all over the world. It is not only the best dating site for BDSM but also the best website for all the fetish, kinky and LGBT singles and couples seeking for more fun. With the high number of features available, has become the “Facebook” for BDSM & Fetish enthusiasts, offering them a place where they can hang out all the day and without getting bored.

• Still, it can’t be denied that is not that well known among the youngest population, who are under 30. But, due to people that are open-minded about BDSM, more and more young people realize that they are interested and willing to join the BDSM dating games. As a comment to what lacks, should do more to attract young guys and girls, to make this site fresher. In my opinion, the marketing team should improve their strategy as soon as possible, as apparently it is not working as it should. Multiple ways of spreading the news will attract more young BDSM-curious singles and couples all over the world.
If it’s good then it should be shared to all, isn’t that right?



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