How to Avoid Junk Messages in BDSM Dating Sites?

On the BDSM dating sites, it is just too common for the submissive woman to be flooded with spam messages that are coming no spamfrom crazy men.  In case you are new to this kind of stuff, it may take some time to get used to this idea.  To help you cope up with this kind of scenario, here are some of our essential tips.

Create Mail Filters

Good dating sites contain mail or message filters.  This will instantly dispose the junk messages straight to the bulk folder.  Remember to mention your mail filter in your profile, so those who are planning to send you a junk message will be discouraged.  It will also let them know if they are the perfect guy based on your criteria.

Post a Non-Provocative Image

Girls who have a provocative profile photo in the BDSM dating Sites are commonly flooded with undesirable messages compared to those with casual or friendly dating photo.  You may also set your picture to ‘friend only’ setting so other people who do not belong in your network will be unable to access them.  Refrain from posting the picture of models unless of course, it is you.

Let Them Earn your Trust

The real DOM are particularly patient.  They are also mainly concerned and sensitive over their partners.  They are not typically in a hurry to be addressed by the submissive to own them or punish them.  They are very much aware that you are willing to put yourself into that position; however, you will need to arrive at that situation gradually.

Be Skeptical

BDSM dating safetyMost of the fraud doms that you will find in the fetish dating sites are bullies, and they are only hiding behind the BDSM profile.  Even a person who looks super nice can act very rude when indoors.  One of the most effective types of defense against this type of person would be to ask a lot of questions.  You may ask about their past relationship, the reasons for the success or the failure of their romantic life, their friends or the other girls that they are currently dating.  You may also ask them about their idea of a perfect relationship to make sure that they are your perfect match.

Avoid Video Call

You should also avoid initiating a video call in the dating sites until you finally meet them in person.  There are some stories stating that most of the submissive woman who initiated said that the other party commonly experienced a video problem.  Make sure that you will protect your privacy until such time that you already trust them.

Finally, if you really want to find a genuine doms, you need to find them and reach out to them.  Read their BDSM dating profile carefully and if you think that they are a perfect fit for you, send them a message.  Never take it personally if the person did not respond to your message.