Is Fetish Dating Anomalous?

Believe it or not, but many people out there have fetishes when it comes to sex. Even you may have something you consider abnormalkinky, something that manages to turn you on. It can be anything, from putting your spouse dress like a doctor, or wear nothing but stockings, to swinging partners, enjoying sex in the water, admiring feet, and very many more. Yes, there are very many fetishes out there, a possibility being that even your best friend of neighbor may have one. Others may seem more ordinary, while some fetishes seem to be taken from movie scenarios, all of them being very real, even if no one admits them. So, under these circumstances, can we consider fetish dating something abnormal?

Fetish dating happens pretty much in the same way like gay dating, or BDSM dating. In fact, even gay couples may have fetishes, not to mention that BDSM involves, in many cases, the presence of certain fetishes. Why should you discriminate fetish dating, when you may very well have a fetish of your own, without knowing or admitting? Everyone has preferences when it comes to sex, some people preferring to meet someone that has the same preferences with them. If some fetishes are more acceptable by the biggest majority of people, not needing to find special partners, some fetishes may be considered to be apart, that person needing to find a fetish single with the same interests. So, if you like watching porn because that sets you on, why shouldn’t other people go on fetish dating or BDSM hookup to fulfill their fantasies as well? After all, this type of dating happens with the consensus of both partners, no one forcing anyone to get into such things, so only pleasure is involved here.

fetish datingDiscriminating fetish dating it is like being selfish about enjoying great sex. If nothing is missing from your intimate life and you are happy with the way things are, then you are a very lucky persons. Other people, on the other hand, feel that something is missing, their intimate life not being as fulfilling as they would want it to be. This is how fetish dating emerged, out of the desire of people to find partners that share the same fantasies. Everything happens behind closed doors, it is something that does not bother, and, after all, don’t we all have the right to live a happy and fulfilling life? Well, what is fulfilling for you may not be for another person. So that person may need something else to feel happy and satisfied.

It is true that most of us still have to work at the tolerance chapter, to accept thing that are different in their opinion. We are all unique, and so are our preferences, even when it comes to sex and arousing pleasures. Fetish dating is a proof of our individuality, as each of us prefers something else to live life to the fullest. So we should not condemn the attempt of others to have a happy life, by trying to impose a model for everybody to follow, because such a thing is not possible.