BDSM Guide: 7 Tips For Spanking

spanking sexBDSM has received much attention among people who live out there in the world. This has created an ideal platform for the popularity of spanking. Spanking can be considered as one of the most amazing experiences that you will be able to enjoy along with BDSM hookup. However, you need to have a clear understanding about spanking in order to get the best out of it. Here is a comprehensive guide on spanking, which would work for all the BDSM couples and singles.

  1. Set up the dominant and submissive roles

As the first step of spanking, you will have to think about setting up the dominant and submissive roles. Without these two roles, it would not be possible for you to engage with spanking. Usually, the male partner plays the role of the dominant. However, it is perfectly fine to switch the roles as well. If you become the dominant partner, you should think of spanking as a measure that you are taken to punish your partner for how bad she has been. It would be a good idea to discuss the things with your partner, before you go ahead with spanking. Then you will be able to select appropriate roles with a clear understanding. The next thing you should do is to let your imagination drive you throughout all those naughty scenarios and thoughts.

  1. Define the limits

Like all the other techniques in BDSM, spanking should also be associated with a limit. It is up to you to discuss with your partner and agree upon that limit. It would be a good idea to set up a safe word, where your partner can say out loud, when you go beyond her acceptable limits. It can be any word. However, you need to be careful enough to pay your attention towards that word. You can keep on enjoying the pleasure of spanking, until the safe word comes out of the mouth of your partner. When you are into BDSM, it is completely natural to force your partner to many different sex techniques. These techniques could include rough ones as well. However, it is important to have a clear understanding about the techniques with your partner, before you get into them.

  1. Warm up the butts first

Before you start spanking, it is important for you to warm up the butts of your partner. Then you can think about increasing the intensitygradually. In other words, you should never start spanking straightaway. This can deliver a painful experience to your partner. You can lightly swat the butt of your partner and this will assist you to create a soft stinging sensation. In addition, she will get used to the spank as well. When you go through few slaps, you can think about increasing the intensity gradually.

  1. Develop anticipation in between the spanks

It is extremely important for you to develop anticipation in between each and every spank. That’s because slapping the ass of your partner too fast can create discomfort. This can turn off your partner. Therefore, you need to have a break in between each and every spank. You can also think about using that break in order to build anticipation. For example, you can think about giving two to three spanks for your partner in a row. Then you can rub her lady parts and kiss her back. After that, you can think about slapping her butt again. You need to keep in mind that such an experience could be fun and erotic. Therefore, you should be aware of when you should go for the break.

  1. Use different hand techniques

BDSM spankingWhen it comes to spanking, you are provided with the ability to try many different hand techniques. These hand techniques are in a position to create various sensations. You should always keep the fact in your mind that spanking is a form of art. It is up to you to follow that form of art, so that you can end up with the best possible results. Spanking with a supped palm can be considered as one of the most popular spanking techniques available for you to try out. This can increase the noise that is being produced while spanking, without increasing the pain. On the other hand, you can also think about trying to spank with a flat palm, while having all your fingers relaxed. This can also give life to more noise at the time of slapping. This hand technique can be used to deliver the real stinging sensation to your partner. You can think about switching in between these techniques in order to enjoy the best out of spanking.

  1. Use toys

It would be a good idea to use toys while you are spanking your partner. If you are a person who is into BDSM dating, you must be having a good collection of toys along with you. When you incorporate the toys into spanking, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. If you don’t have any toys, you don’t need to worry about anything because it is possible for you to use some of the household items such as whips, paddles and belts for spanking.

  1. Add dirty talk into the spanking session

Last but not least, all the BDSM couples should think about adding dirty talk into the spanking sessions. This can transform spanking into a fascinating experience. Both you and your partner can think about adding dirty talk into the session. You have to keep the fact in your mind that you are punishing your partner through spanking for a reason. Therefore, you need to be dominant as well as erotic. If you can whisper dirty things to the ear of your partner, you will be able to make spanking a unique and a wonderful experience. If you don’t know how to dirty talk, you are encouraged to learn it, before you get into spanking.