TOP 5 Countries Where People Are Open-Minded about BDSM

Do you love the idea of someone binding you while giving you a whole lot of loving?  If you are, then you are not as unique as you might think you are since the culture of BDSM dating is prevalent in a lot of countries.  This is based on the data accumulated in using the Whiplr, which is a BDSM hookup app designed to determine the fetish singles.  Around 120,000 users who are using the Whiplr revealed the top countries that are into BDSM.  Here are the 5 countries that made it into this kinky list.


Top 5 Countries That Are Into BDSM Dating


United States


USAAccording to the study, around 36% of the adult population in America love to use bondage tools, blindfolds, mask and other BDSM tools.  This number is no longer new in the US, last 1955 the Pacific standard stated than half of the population of both men and women love the idea of someone biting them during a sexual intercourse which is related to BDSM Hookup.  In 1999, there was a survey conducted in a university, and 65% of them dreamt of being bounded.




CanadaNot far from the country that is inclined toward the BDSM Dating, Canada is also engulfed in BDSM hookup but more on a polite manner.  They tend to enjoy on domination or submission relationship.  Submission is the common sexual fetish singles of the Canadian adults.  Being submissive is a common sex culture in Canada, and it does not mean that they have a psychological defect.




ItalyYou will be surprised that the religious place of Vatican ranks as the second largest member of the Whiplr community in Italy.  Italy is more on the bondage and wear.  Dominatrix is dominating the BDSM hookup of Italy.  In fact, the BDSM dating is so strong in Italy, that they have a section of kinky items in their shopping malls.




UKUnited Kingdom is more on the Sadism and Masochism but a little less extreme than the usual.  Most women love the idea of someone spanking their behind during a private intercourse.  Based on the numbers in BDSM Dating, there are also individuals in UK who get aroused in the idea of role playing.



NetherlandThe Dutch is all about dominatrix.  They love to wear leather stuff complete with their whips.  Perhaps they adore the sound that the leather makes, and heat that is trapped inside can intensify the heat that they are feeling during BDSM hookup.


The culture of BDSM is no longer new.  It only became more popular due to mainstream media.  In fact, most fetish singles are curious about it.  They love to add some spice to their BDSM dating so they will never get bored with their relationship.

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